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How to activate your Lima through a Virtual Machine

So you’ve received your Lima, it comes with no instructions whatsoever, just to visit You fire up the page and… yeah… linux is not supported. Go figure…

Android then! Nope. It must be a computer, with Windows or Mac OS, that is. So what can you do? Sadly VM to the rescue.

Start up your Windows VM, but, change your Network Adapter settings to Bridge so your router assigns the guest its own IP address. The Lima software uses some type of network discovery to find the device, there is no web or ssh access to the unit. It must be discovered by the software, even if you can freaking see the IP your router has given it. *sigh*

In VirtualBox this is how it looks:


With that the software will be able to “see” the Lima and you can complete the installation and most importantly activate it and register your user. So at least you’ll be able to use the Lima with your Android.







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